Rite of Passage of a Parasite-Single

First step of the parasite single

Never in my life have I worked in proper customer service. The first job I ever got was working as a clerk in an office environment. My work and educational background basically programmed me to have all the skills required for office or administrative work; not customer service. Every CS job I have ever applied for has failed to return my inquires and outright ignored my resume. The best response I ever received was an email from the clothing retailer H&M that I was overqualified to work in a sales position. At that point, I became a discouraged worker.

Now that I have a bachelor’s degree and I am once again living at home, I have become an unemployment statistic of the US Department of Labor. What’s worse is that my title has been demoted from “university student” to “parasite-single.” What is a parasite-single? According to Wikipedia the parasite-single is a Japanese term for a single person who lives at home until their late 20s or early 30s. Basically, someone who leeches off their parents (thanks for letting me do this, Mom and Dad!).

The problem is, being a parasite single would not eat away at my conscience if I made some sort of income contribution to the household. According to the lack of responses from my job search, I am either overqualified thanks to my degree or underqualified as a result my lack of relevant work experience. So what is an early 20-something recent university graduate supposed to do? Apparently, keep on truckin’ and you will eventually find someone who will hire you.

For example: after two and a half months of epic job searching, a retailer finally hires me as part-time with nearly 40 hours a week. A job! In this day and age, having a job in itself is a cause for celebration. Yet as I stand behind the register gaining retail experience, I realize that I am not being challenged to think or use my mind. There is also little to no chance of me being promoted from my parasite-single title with the wage I am getting.

So my first step as a recent college graduate in a failing economy is pretty much taking any job I can get. Is this attributed to a lack of talent, or luck? Perhaps a bit of both; however, I like to think that it is a rite of passage.