NaNoWriMo 2011

Last year’s novel is gone with my dead hard-drive. As a result, I will write most of my story on cloud technology this year. I still remember the plot and perhaps I will attempt it again one day when I can properly plot political intrigue.

This year’s novel has a large cast of characters. My protagonist is a young man named Phoenix Tiger Walker. It’s a somewhat unfortunate name depending on who you speak to. He’s supposed to be the rookie to an elite mercenary group called NoVA. I’m still trying to decide what NoVA even stands for. Everyone in the mercenary organization goes under the code name of a different constellation. The ones in NoVA are of the western star-signs.

The antagonists are the Homunculi who want to turn all humans into homunculus. The plot is basically NoVA (humans) vs Homunculi. There’s also a revolution happening in Amoria while all this occurs.